Why would you want to be a game designer ?

Today we had an expert game designer come to our school and teach us about how to create video games that could be used on an iPhone, iPad , or computer.

Being a game designer/creator would come with it’s merits.

  • You get to use your imagination on a daily basis.
  • It can bring in a lot of money from being hired or earning from your own game release.
  • You are using your brain as you have to be good at maths and physics.
  • You can work from home, in your own hours
It would also come with it’s cons.
  • You are creating material that is fueling addictions.
  • You are at risk of leading an unhealthy life style.
  • Software is very confusing
  • You can lose your social life.

So after our visit I don’t think game creating would quite be my calling.

One thought on “Why would you want to be a game designer ?

  1. Ashley, you’ve given a well balanced evaluation of game design as a career, well done.

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