Elephant experience in Laos

Today we ventured to an elephant preservation village 30 minutes from Luang Prabang. We were astonished to see the beautiful set up the mahouts(elephant trainers) and founders have created for this beautiful endangered species. We enjoyed an hour ride on the elephants enjoying the kind and friendly service from the mahouts and being given the opportunity to sit on the elephants neck whilst walking through the Namkhong river. It was a surreal and amazing experience for all the girls.

As soon as we hopped off the elephants we were greeted by the on site manager who broadened our knowledge of what the reality is for some of these poor animals. Next year three of the ten elephants at the village will face being hired out to a circus in China leaving their beloved mahouts and sanctuary behind.

After hearing about the history and aims for the elephant village, we were moved by the dire future that awaits the elephant species in Laos.
In the Songtau (taxi) on our way to the next location Laura, Tiffany, Lily, Alix, Lydia, Emma, Aynsley, Sinead and Charlotte had an idea to try and help these beautiful creatures.

Because of the elephant villages beautiful and natural setup we think that we should support them by either purchasing or sponsoring an elephant to live in the village, this contribution will generate more money for the elephant village. The elephant village is very supportive of the local communities surrounding it, they provide employment opportunities for the people, the village have set up souvenir booths so that the community can sell locally made products and they also lease land off the villages for the elephant trails. These are just some opportunities the elephant village have provided for the community.

By Toorak College choosing to support this cause we are not only helping save one elephant’s life, but supporting the surrounding communities as well.

Charlotte. (in consultation with the other girls mentioned above!)




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