Monks and Market


Rising early in the morning we all went out to the streets to give offerings to the Monks, waking at 5:30 was a challenge for some girls but we all enjoyed the experience. We were all given a bowl of sticky rice, a shawl and a mat to use to make our offerings to the monks. The monks: ranging from novices age 7-18 and 18+ walked down the street and received our offerings. It was a amazing experience, although most of the girls reported it to be rather stressful to try and make sure all the Monks received some rice as they walked past.

After visiting the Monks we had a interesting experience at a morning market, this market was mostly produce. Ranging from live fish on tables, frogs, caged sparrows to chicken feet. The smells and sights where at the least to say a ‘new experience’. After venturing through the markets and making a few purchases we had two new additions to our group. Sinead and Charlotte had bought two of the little caged sparrows to set free. We were told freeing these birds is a sign of good luck. After walking to an area near the river we set the birds free. These little sparrows are actually the first birds we have seen flying here in Laos. This brought a close to our market experience this morning.

By Laura

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  1. Sinead we LOVE that you set a sparrow free. What a wonderful thing to do. Sounds like the trip is amazing. Keep safe and enjoy the experience. We are thinking of you. Donna and John xxx

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