The Waterfall

After the elephant experience we took an hour and a half Songtau (taxi) ride to the Kouang Si waterfalls. We had a picnic lunch of fried chicken, noodles and beef stir fry, with rice of course! We took a short break to take pictures of the beautiful waterfalls before making our way to the swimming area. The sun was hidden but the heat was definitely present so we weren’t excited to get into the water, until we actually did! Although the water looked beautiful, being turquoise in colour, it was pretty cold! Slowly we immersed ourselves in the water, actually finding it relaxing and fun after we got past the cold and the fish swimming around our ankles! After about an hour in the water we took a short walk through the forest to see the bear enclosure. The aim of the foundation is to save the bears from extinction as in the wild they are at risk of being poached. They didn’t do much, mostly sleep and walk, but they were really cute!

-Aynsley and Emma



*This will be our last post until next Wednesday. We are heading to the village to work on the community project for the next five days and four nights. We will have no Internet access during this time. We will get the girls to write posts throughout the duration and will post them on our return.
Jenny and Justine.

2 thoughts on “The Waterfall

  1. Hi Laura, it sounds like you are all having such an amazing adventure. The Lagoon swim looked beautiful, was wishing I could be there too until I read about the fish swimming around your ankles ! We are looking forward to hearing all about your time in the village and hope the community project was a great success. ( all your labouring for Dad hopefully gave you some skills that came in handy ) Our whole family is reading the Blog and yes I am still counting the hours until you are home. Love and Hugs, Mum xx

  2. What amazing adventures you have all had. I’m sure that I’m not the only one looking forward to seeing you return safely on Friday and tell us first hand of your experiences. Hope you all took thousands of photos!!
    P.S. We’d like to wish Alex a happy birthday for Monday – it will be one that you won’t forget I’m sure xx
    Emma, can’t wait to see you!! all our love Mum,Dad,Amelia & Ashley xx

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